A patient-centred treatment approach

Expert Knowledge

At Anatomy Physiotherapy, we cater for females from childhood onwards to help manage the challenges that can occur at every life stage. Suzanne has expert knowledge in women and the often unique and complex issues that can arise in their bodies. This allows her to assess her patients thoroughly and provide an individualised, patient centred treatment approach.
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Pelvic physio exercises

One in three women will suffer from urinary incontinence at some point in their lives. Half of all women will have some degree of pelvic organ prolapse. Take back control of your pelvic area! Physical therapy is one of the best ways. Anatomy Physiotherapy will help by developing a programme for you.

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Suzanne regularly lectures and speaks at conferences. She also teaches courses to other physiotherapists in advanced practices and is an avid researcher and keeps her continuing professional development current. Stay up-to-date with pelvic-related health issues by subscribing to our newsletter.